Dr. Shozo Yanagida

 He became a full professor of Osaka University in 1987, and become an emeritus professor of Osaka University in 2004.

 After retirement, he continued his research on dye-sensitized solar cells as a guest professor of Osaka University. He is now a guest researcher of RCAT of the University of Tokyo since 2011, and giving advices on molecular-structured solar cells in view of molecular orbital theory.

 He started his chemistry as an organic reaction chemist, extended it to coordination chemistry, photochemistry, electrochemistry, photocatalysis, luminescence science and microwave-driven chemistry. More than 30 years have passed since he started research on photosynthetic dye-sensitized solar cells as environment-friendlier photovoltaics.

 He recently learned that density functional theory is an innovative theory for evaluation and prediction of electronic molecular devices. His research motto is “Chemistry and Physics for sustainable and comfortable life, i.e., low-carbon-energy society”.